Everybody is still talking about the speakers we had yesterday. I think that we will have something to give back to our friends and family.

Started our MARL ‘buddy’. This is so when we head out to St. Paul and Washing DC we don’t forget anyone. I do not see us leaving anyone behind, but could be wrong.

Paula Mohr from The Famer spoke with us about writing a letter to the editor. She gave us tips on how to write a letter and what to write. She stressed in this age of Facebook and Twitter words are still important.

Each of us went through an interview and crisis communication message. More work will be done by all to make these skills more effortless.

All were given the chance to hone our skills with social media. For some of us this is a white elephant and lucky for us Class VIII has a pro. Wanda Patsche gave help for all who wanted.

Looking forward to our next meeting in St. Paul.


Today MARL Class VIII went to Brookings, SD, to join with SDARL for their program. After meeting the SD class, we participated in Michael Brandwein’s “Leadership Development.” He was really fascinating and gave concrete, real (specific) world tips in how to develop leadership skills we admire as well as addressing our self-perception.

Later in the afternoon, SD and MN toured Aqua Tech in Brookings, and R&D center developing bio-based technology for fish farming. It was really exciting to see research being used in the real world & the possibilities in the fish industry.

Lastly, we joined SD for their leadership banquet at McCorry Gardens. The keynote speaker was VJ Smith who was a wonderful speaker who connected some of the small things you can do to impact others (Thank you!). it was also fun to sit with SDARL members and chat informally about our professions and lives.

Also we accidentally abandoned two class members at Aqua tech, revealing our flawed buddy system. ☺

-Anna Boroff

We opened our session with a discussion about toast masters, presented by John Chalmers. Defiantly something worth looking into, local opportunities helps with not only presentational skills, but also leadership skills.

At noon, the SMSU President, Dr. Gores, provided a welcome greeting and short background on the investment of SMSU with the MARL Program.

Reviewed EQI process and learned about how to interpret the results. Reviewed a sample report and provided input on how we interpreted the results.

Received our individual EQI results and reviewed them. Worked with our assigned coaching teams to discuss.

Made DC Congressional State Legislator and Professional visits.

Tour AURI lab located on campus learned about how they serve businesses of MN.

MARL Leadership Banquet – Keynote was Glenn Bader, VP Ralco Company that is committed to integrity and giving back to the community.