With 3 full days under their belts, Class IX traveled to the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus. The class was welcomed by Dr. Beverly Durgan, Dean – University of Minnesota Extension, and Dr. Michael Schmitt, Associate Dean for the College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources.

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Dr. Robert Stupar shared his soybean research and the exciting advancements in genomics. New technologies in plant breeding are emerging and the University is poised to develop and deliver the next generation of plant genetics.

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A legend in the field climatology, Dr. Mark Seeley gave an empowering presentation that encouraged everyone to prepare for future shifts in Minnesota’s climate. Very little can rival weather for its significant impact on agriculture. Understanding tomorrow’s weather patterns is critical to planning for tomorrow’s agricultural systems.


As a lead up to the lunch hour, Class IX had the opportunity view the dissection of diseased animal carcasses in a tour of the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. The University’s Lab is one of the best in country and vital to diagnosing health issues in animals. Fast and accurate diagnostics is important for both human and animal welfare.16179723_1178161795566390_573460888374243941_o 16179234_1178161945566375_2186466821821328451_o 16179816_1178161798899723_3068666079482023123_o 16107355_1178161862233050_2884917941260486614_oLab photos by University of Minnesota Extension

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Lisa Gjersvik is thanking Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory director Jerry Torrison, who provided the tour.

Submitted by Jason Garms, Class IX


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