The last day of our trip! We all were on the bus by 7:00 a.m. heading to Gettysburg. The vast majority of us have not been to Gettysburg. After an hour and a half drive we arrived, and our bus dropped us off at the Visitor’s Center. The very first thing we did was watch a short video about Gettysburg, and its historical impact on our country.

The Cyclorama was next on our agenda. The Cyclorama is a 380 degree oil painting of the battle of Gettysburg. Looking at the battle depicted in this way impacted many of us.

Next we boarded our bus with a tour guide. The battle sites of Gettysburg was our next stop. We were all very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and passion of our guide, he made it all come to life. I don’t think any of us realize just how many monuments recognizing Gettysburg dotted the landscape. Neither did we comprehend the vast number of deaths in such a short amount of time. It made an impact on all of us.
Our destination for the afternoon was the Eisenhower Farm. I guess personally I did not realize President Eisenhower lived on a farm outside of Gettysburg. Eisenhower’s farm is lined with evergreen trees along the driveway – one from each state. Again we started our tour with a short video. On the next stop was the house. 97% of the furnishings are original.Eisenhower loved the farm and one reason he purchased it was his interest in soil conservation.

As we ended our last day we are feeling exhausted, our minds are full and physically we are exhausted. But none of us would change a thing!

-Wanda Patsche
Class of VIII


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