We had a later start this morning and began by talking about our heritage and how that has influenced our values and beliefs.

Next we all headed for a tour of the White House. Shawn worked with Representative Walz’s office to get our large group in and the staffer Jesse, got us all invites. We were all able to get through security just fine. It was an interesting experience to see how “untouched” or representative of the period they were constructed in, both the rooms and furnishings. The blue room is the center of the White House and is designed in an oval so everyone is an equal distance from the President.

Next, we all headed to our appointments with different organizations. Some visited with groups such as Feeding America, Department of Commerce- international Trade Association, National Cattleman’s Sierra Club, and National Biodiesel Board.Many walked away with a new perspective and greater understanding of these organizations and their issues.

Next we all headed to the American Farm Bureau Office. We met with similar “MARL” groups from Indiana, Washington and South Dakota, for a social hour at AFBF.

We then divided into small groups with some participants from each state and went to dinner in D.C. Some groups went to places like Fogo, Hamilton’s and D.C. Chophouse. Conversation ranged from learning about each person’s job, family and farm to current Ag issues, programs we were passionate about and everyone’s travels so far in D.C.

Tomorrow is a long day with visits with our Senators, a meeting at Farmers union and our ‘farewell to D.C.’ It is hard to believe we already head for home on Friday!

-Sara Hewitt


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