The day began with a conversation in our Seminar Management Teams about the reading assignment. So all groups reviewed and discussed their favorite FROG stories and why. Later groups shared their favorite stories with the group.

Next we took the Myer’s Briggs Personality Type Indicator. And with Cathie Rasmussen, Extension Educator from the University of Minnesota, we as a class were lead through a fun and interactive review of what the indicator meant for each of us personally and then as part of the group dynamic.

We ended the day with a circle of trust answering the question of reflection, “how does it feel to be part of the MARL Class VIII group?” Homework was assigned and looking forward to Marshall.


We began the day by looking at our professional wardrobes at Herberger’s. Guess we need to start dressing a little classier.☺

We arrived back at Minn West technology campus and reviewed MARL class expectations and procedures.

Kent Olson presented on ag statistics. It was helpful to get an overall picture of ag in the state, as well as some farm policy items. This led easily to our next speaker who had a really fascinating presentation of rural demographics. A great discussion followed on what that means for our rural communities, with Mike leading the discussion in the afternoon.

Jared Anez, a former MARL participant spoke about the importance about nutrition with Lisa Dawson.

The highlight of our Wilmar stay was a tour of Nova Tech, and getting to talk to Jim Sieben about his company. The technology they’ve developed and are using across the world is amazing and he was a wonderful leadership example.

After an etiquette lesson, we shared our storyboards. We loved getting to know our classmates on a more personal level and where their passions and motivation comes from.

-Anna Boroff

Welcome and introduction of MARL Class VIII (the best class ever!) Leadership was defined – many ways to describe.

Caught as much as it is taught. Short photography lesson – attempt of class photo in snow.

Speaker, Kent Olson, MN Dept of Ag. Trends and issues affecting Ag. Many issues, including climate changes and marketing.

Andi Egbert – Assistant Director MN Demographics. Great overview of current and projected state populations and impact of an aging population.

Training and nutrition for leaders – keep your body and mind healthy for optimal performance.

Banquet – great opportunity to get to know classmates and interact with MARL Alumni.
Great speaker – Nova Tech.