Day 6 – Pag and Zadar, Croatia

Our day started a bit later today and we had the opportunity to get some much needed rest and relaxation.  We were again worried the bora winds may jeopardize our plans.  Thankfully we were able to travel this morning to the island of Pag, one of the very famous Croatian islands along the Adriatic Sea.

Our first stop, once reaching the island, was lunch at Kondoba Giardin.  Here we had a treasured Croatian meal of lamb cooked in a cast iron kettle under an iron lid.  We also experienced other delicacies during our meal.  This meal was served family style, like many of the meals we have experienced in Croatia.

Next we battled the rain and near bora winds to see a sheep farm with a local shepherd.  He took us to the nearby pasture where we saw ewes, with their newborn lambs.  Interestingly enough, this island is home to 30,000 sheep!

Sheep production is important to Pag, not because of their meat, but for their milk.  We had the pleasure to visit Gligora Dairy, a family owned cheese making company.  Here they make award winning cheese from sheep, cow, and goat’s milk.  Their winningest cheese is Paški Sir – a hard cheese made from sheep’s milk.  Paški Sir cheese is protected for the entire process it is made.  It starts with sheep’s milk that is hand milked by local farmers.  Then the milk is processed into cheese using a special process at Gligora Dairy.  We all enjoyed our taste testing with Rosa Gligora.

As we enter the half way point of our trip, we are all gaining a greater sense of the Croatian culture.  We are moving to a greater understanding and acceptance of this unique culture and their agricultural practices.  Seeing the cultural pride for agriculture on Pag Island was inspiring and eager for more of our Croatian adventure.

Submitted By:  Adam Stratton and Pauline Van Nurden


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