The name of the game was snow and the goal…getting to the Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport in the midst of yet another snow storm. After a few jolting moments of turbulence, we safely landed in DC. We were all excited to walk out into the sunshine and 60-degree weather.

After we all had a chance to settle into the hotel, our program leaders had a fun activity planned for us to explore DC, a MARL version of the Amazing Race. Split into teams of 3-4 people, the race was on! Our first envelope contained our first pit stop challenge: build a “MARL monument” using toothpicks, marshmallows, and playdough. We had fun creating our own masterpieces! Once our challenge was successfully completed and approved, we received our next clue. This clue led us to the nearest metro station where our challenge was to get and load our metro transit card for the week. Navigating the metro lines to a restaurant of our choice for dinner was the next task. My group went to a fun Spanish tapas restaurant where I had my first ever experience eating Rabbit (which I thought was quite tasty). Our fourth and final task was to make our way to a “sight” of choice from a specific list of options. This posed a challenge of its own as we tried to plan the most efficient route to the most convenient location on the list.

Overall, another long, tiring, but fun day full of unique MARL experiences! I know I am excited to see what the rest of the week will bring.

Submitted by Danielle Evers


  • Bonnie says:

    Enjoy your experiences in DC!

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