We kicked off the Northwest Minnesota session by pairing up with classmates to share our Washington D.C. experience.

Next, Eriks led the session “Building Intercultural Competence.”   It started off with us playing a card game called “Five Trick, “ which was a highlight for many classmates.  Before the game started, participants were given written instructions that were quickly taken away.  We were not allowed to speak throughout the process.  Each time a round was over, the winner and loser changed tables.  We soon realized that the different tables had different instructions.  The game taught us many lessons including becoming a new member of a community and not to assume that everyone knows the same rules  We also went through the Development Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. 

Later Afternoon we broke into our EQ-I groups.  Discussion evolved around the progress we had been making on personal growth and strategies for development.

We ended the day with breaking into three groups for a community dinner.  Our MARL groups ate at Wonderful Life Foods (gluten-free cafe), El Gordito Market and Restaurant and China Moon.  During the supper we were visited by minority and women business owners.  Some of the speakers included restaurant owners, a massage therapist, the owner of Crookston based “Real Good Bath and Body” and a NAPA owner. 

Submitted by Melanie Dickman


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