Class XI showing their artifacts

MARL Class XI launched with a Zoom virtual seminar on Monday, November 23.  Executive Director, Olga Brouwer welcomed the class and then introduced MARL Board President Mike Yost. Mike shared some of his distinguished leadership experiences and offered encouraging words of wisdom to the class.

After a few additional words from Olga on program changes and updates, the class began to get to know each other in breakout rooms by completing Minnesota trivia. Following the trivia, participants worked in small groups to complete a virtual puzzle together and analyze their leadership contexts. All the groups were successful in completing the puzzles and identified some of the following ways we are experiencing life and leadership:

  • Lots of distractions in life and work
  • important to continuously monitor unintended and intended outcomes
  • diverse people looking at the issue – bringing diverse world views
  • Balancing act, personalities, age, sense of humor, viewpoint, leader or following, change is always taking place
  • Lots of meetings, less time to get the work done
  • Leaders need to be prepared to work with group members of different ages/levels of experience
  • Finding optimism in the challenging times
  • Keep open-mind and remain flexible
  • Important to continuously monitor unintended and intended outcomes
  • Two-way communication is critical

Program leaders shared the purpose and intent of MARL and how to approach this as a leadership journey.

Welcome notes for Class XI sent by alumni 

During lunch, small groups were able to chat and get to know each other better. Following lunch, participants engaged in an artifact activity, where each member of the class was asked to share a bit more about themselves and an object that has meaning for them.

Bring your pet to MARL!

Submitted by Toby Spanier, Program Leader/Extension Educator


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