Cold- and warm blooded friends joined for the start of Day 3. Several members showed their pets, before getting to work.

Pictured: Dylan Barth and his dog Kota, Erik Evans and his Chuckwalla (Sauromalus) lizard.

MARL Class XI concluded its Seminar Two with a workshop “Communicating with Emotional Intelligence.” This workshop explored our communicating brains and tools for emotional intelligent communication. Through the use of breakout rooms and Peer Learning Circles class members had a chance to experience some of the tools that were shared.

slide on areas of brain – presented by Christy Kallevig, Program Leader

Marsh, Stangler, Smith and Hatlewick enjoying the discussion in the break-out room


Sarah McConnell’s dog quietly attending the session.

The seminar concluded with information to prepare for Seminar Three. The traditional golden nugget activity shed light on the many things participants learned and took away from being together. Nuggets included: Trust, Positivity, WHY, Dr. Milligan’s session, Be part of the Solution, Positive Culture, Never Push-Presume-Pretend (quoted from Dr. Spronk), Life is about Relationships, Application, Passion with Purpose, Perseverance, Tell my Story, be Active in Community, Do what you’re good at AND what you enjoy.

Program Leaders Christy Kallevig and Toby Spanier

Submitted by Toby Spanier, Program Co-Leader


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